Celebrate July 4

“The natural progress of things is for liberty to yield, and government to gain ground.”
(1788, Thomas Jefferson)

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  • Redistricting. CA loses seat.

    California’s once-a-decade redrawing of congressional boundaries is underway. Californians need to get involved. Read this.
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  • CA Weapon Ban

    California's 'assault weapon' ban is ruled unconstitutional. Such laws arbitrarily prohibit guns commonly used for legal purposes.
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  • Newsom Pay Raise

    The California Citizens Compensation Commission, which is appointed by the governor, voted 4 to 0 to approve the pay hikes
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  • California #50 Again

    California is #50 again in Chief Executive Mag’s Best & Worst States for Business 2021. Bottom are five Dem-controlled states
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Setting the Record Straight on Liberal Fascism
Paul Gottfried

The right is often accused of fascist tendencies in many of today’s political diatribes. A typical response is for the right to return the same accusation toward the left, a fact Edward Ring explores in a recent article for American Greatness, citing Jonah Goldberg’s famous book Liberal Fascism.

Ring provides an intellectual service by bringing up the relationship between fascism and the woke left. Having written books on both fascism and antifascism—focusing on the woke left in the latter—I would agree that there is a connection between the ideologies in question, but not the ones Ring points out via Goldberg’s Liberal Fascism. Indeed, and unfortunately, Goldberg’s book is not a particularly useful entry point for discussing this link for several reasons . . . .

One does not have to cite New Deal measures or Democratic fans of eugenics to underscore the present totalitarian threat. More frightening examples now surround us.



20 Women Inventors You Should Know

Around the world and across history, innovative women have imagined, developed, tested, and perfected their creations, and yet most of us would be hard pressed to name even a single woman inventor. In fact, women inventors are behind many of the products and technologies used every day! From life rafts to disposable diapers to rocket fuel, women have invented amazing things — but they're also responsible for some of the things we use for day to day life. In fact, if you use GPS on your cell phone, turn on windshield wipers when you drive in the rain, or eat a chocolate chip cookie, you can thank the woman behind them!

In honor of the remarkable women whose breakthroughs have advanced technology and the ease of our day to day lives, we're sharing the stories of twenty ingenious women whose inventions have changed the world. Whether they were scribbling designs two centuries ago or are still working today, these clever creators deserve to have their stories told. We've also included a few stories of modern-day Mighty Girls who have taken up the challenge of becoming the inventors of today — and tomorrow.

A Mighty Girl