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The 2018 Elections and  What They Will Mean

Stephen Frank,steve frank
California Political News & Views

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

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The political Left, particularly in its extreme forms, has always been skillful in the use of language to further its ends. Recognizing that perception matters more than reality, exponents of socialism and communism use words in a particularly Orwellian way, imparting meanings to words directly opposite to what their etymologies would lead us to suspect. A well-known example is the word “liberal”, which derives from Latin liber: “free”. Originally applied to thinkers who favored individual liberty and small government, the word now, thanks to the tireless efforts of the Left, connotes an advocate of high taxes and invasive regulations.

What leftists really want is a return to a culture both primitive and tribal.

A less-recognized perversion of language can be found in the term “progressive”, now preferred to liberal by many on the Left. It’s not hard to see why a movement would desire such a label. Progressive connotes progress, and progress is by definition a good thing. Nobody speaks of progress towards bankruptcy or tyranny. Progress implies movement towards a desirable goal. Who could be against that?

Read at Federation for Economic Foundation



Good looks aren't a reason to vote for someone. But it can be a plus to have confident, assertive, and beautiful women in elected office – especially when they can intellectually run circles around pretentious liberals.

Fortunately, the Republican Party is blessed with no shortage of highly-qualified candidates! Kristi Noem rode to victory in the 2010 GOP wave election when she bested her liberal opponent to represent the great state of South Dakota in the House of Representatives. She has Kristi Noemconsistently won re-election by comfortable margins. Many consider her to be a lock for South Dakota's next governor. Regardless, the sky is the limit for this rising star!

The American News Network slideshow linked below includes six up-and-coming GOP politicians in America (plus one conservative from Italy at the end you won't want to miss). All of them can discuss the intricacies of tax reform and the geopolitical powderkeg otherwise known as the Middle East. It just so happens, they're quite easy on the eyes as well!

Read More at American Action News





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