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  • Homeless Upgrade

    Novato has “no intention of litigating this matter in the media or in the public square.” Allots $200K for library
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  • Nuclear Choice

    Stanford/MIT study: Keeping Diablo Nuclear Plant open would save billions, help meet emissions goals. 
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  • School Choice

    Citizen group files with California Attorney General to place landmark school choice initiative on November 2022 ballot.
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  • Schools Failing Grade

    California shows little to no change in math but a significant decline in 8th-grade reading on a scale of 500 points.
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By Armando Simón 

We who have lived in communist countries recognize the signs: American freedom of speech and thought are hanging on by a thread.

. . . Upon further reflection, it is also clear that many western (ironically, democratic) countries now face a similar condition—not necessarily in terms of their elections, but in terms of other freedoms that democratic electorates have grown accustomed to. Western democracies are now under perfect censorship. This process has been going on for many years, and is on the verge of being perfected in the United States . . . .

Europeans (and Canadians) may have democracy, but, paradoxically, they do not have freedom of speech. They have been told, and they have accepted, that such restrictions are for their own good and so certain select groups won’t feel offended. In fact, the majority of the citizens of those countries are even unaware that they are living under a regime of censorship—that is how effective it has been.

It is a dangerous trend, one that is making its way to the United States.



Pretending COVID is an emergency is killing America. There is no justification for the continued suspension of the American form of self-government that secures all our individual rights and liberties.
The Western world is living a massive COVID lie. That lie is strangling the life out of liberty, and it will destroy our constitutional order if we do not end this horrifying charade.

A recent article in The Guardian discussing France’s vaccine passport unconsciously provides the perfect example. It describes the Great Plague that struck Marseille in 1720 (the final contortion of the Black Death), noting that it “kill[ed] more than half of the city’s population.” “[S]truggl[ing] to find a delicate balance between halting the spread of the disease and damaging vital commerce,” the city authorities, The Guardian tells us, ordered travelers “to carry a ‘bill of health’ and ships arriving at the Mediterranean port underwent a 40-day cordon sanitaire or quarantine.” “Three hundred years on,” The Guardian seriously intones, “President Emmanuel Macron is walking an equally tricky tightrope . . .” Hopefully, you spotted the glaring problem with this comparison. In 1720, the Great Plague in Marseille killed more than half the city’s population.

We have gotten to the point in this “pandemic” where government leaders and a worryingly high percentage of the American people are acting like COVID is a crisis on par with Marseille’s Great Plague . . . 

Molly McCann at The Federalist